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Cytomel: a fat burning steroid for women

Cytomel or Liothyronine sodium is commonly and popularly called as cytomel T3. It is a synthetic thyroid hormone which is used as a replacement hormone to persons who produce abnormal thyroid hormones in the body due to pituitary malfunction and iodine deficiency. The lack of exact levels of thyroid hormone in the body may cause hypothyroidism and cytomel’s primary function is to treat this kind of disease by increasing the number of thyroid hormones especially Triiodothyronine hormone T3 in the body.  However, cytomel is also discovered not to treat hyperthyroidism or replace thyroid hormones alone, it can also be used to increase metabolic rate of the body and essentially burn unwanted body fats.

The primary reason why most athletes used and abused this kind of steroid is because of its fat burning abilities. Burning body fats is achieved by increasing the levels of thyroid hormones and the triiodothyronine in the body, in that way it increases the metabolic activity in the body which later leads to the stored body fat to burn in a faster rate which will be converted to energy. This steroid is highly popular in woman athletes most especially woman bodybuilders since women are in fact have slower metabolic rate compared to men. Women in body building sports cannot afford to go into a diet in order to cut down fats, instead they resort to take cytomel as an alternative, in that way they can eat whatever they want, even pig out during competition but stay on the weight they are required during competition looking and staying healthy.

Also, Cytomel should be taken by slowly increasing your dose each day as you finally reached the desired dosage your doctor prescribed you and it should be taken in compliance with an anabolic steroid to avoid your body eating its own muscle tissues. It is also highly recommended to start taking your dose with only 25mcg per day and only increase it accordingly to what is prescribed of you by your doctor. It is said that upon taking cytomel, it increases our metabolic rate thus, the mitochondria produces a lot of ATP which requires your body to increase its usual work rate,  because of this it requires an increase in the uptake of body nutrients in the mitochondria, this nutrients will be burned and converted as energy. When your body looses all the nutrients it needed, it will start finding something to burn in order to generate energy the body needed and it is usually your body tissues that is being burned that is why it is necessary and a must to take your cytomel with an anabolic steroid together.

However, taking this steroid also have negative effects to your body, you can experience chest pains, heart burns, abnormal disposition, nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions, muscle cramps and sleeplessness and increased cardiac output due to increased T3 levels in the body, it increases body growth hormone, it may result to muscle loss and may lead to thyroid problems when abused that is why it is highly recommended to take only the dose that your doctor prescribed you to take.