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When it comes to steroids, Superdrol somehow seems to be the king as it offers some of the most numerous benefits. On the other side, Superdrol also comes with the greatest side effects and it has been made illegal by the FDA. On the other hand, the market is full of Superdrol clones and it is best if the effects of such steroid are well known.

Superdrol, the steroid with great effects

Superdrol is actually the nice name of the steroid, while the real name behind it is Methyldrostanolone. Superdrol is a steroid used as a prohormone and it was intensely used due to the fact that it offers great strength and weight gains in the shortest time possible and that is something anybody using steroids wants. So what else made Superdrol such a popular steroid and, moreover, what effects made the authorities take it out of the market?

Superdrol, the steroid with great effects

What about using a steroid and seeing the results after the first 4 days? That sounds amazing, right? That is exactly what Superdrol did. The body weight increases and the effects of the trainings can be seen much faster compared to other steroids. After the first 10 days, the effects are even more surprising. You can start lifting much heavier weights that seemed to be a dream in the past. You also feel as if your skin is going to burst with this steroid. These are the great effects of Superdrol.

Superdrol has many side effects

No steroid can be taken without feeling some side effects and that is also the case of Superdrol. Since it is so powerful, so are the side effects that you will feel. Before going to the nasty part of this steroid, let’s mention one more great effect: no water retention so basically you are actually building muscles. Some of the common effects of Superdrol are just like in the cases of other steroids: oily skin, high blood pressure, decreased sexual function, fatigue, increased aggression and increased hair growth. The effects of this steroid still do not sound so bad? Compared to other steroids, Superdrol will basically mess up with your liver like no other steroid could do.

Superdrol effects: the level of cholesterol

You will be the one deciding whether it is alright for your body to be taking Superdrol and if you are willing to pay for these side effects. This steroid has one of the most powerful effects on the liver. Since Superdrol is a methylated compound, it will cause unnecessary stress on the liver. Moreover, this steroid increases LDL cholesterol levels – the bad cholesterol and decreases the good one. This will turn into other side effects of taking Superdrol.

Superdrol, the steroid with great positive and negative effects

It is no wonder that Superdrol was declared illegal. However, this steroid, despite its nasty effects, can still be found on the market under other names, with almost the same composition – just some chemicals are changed. It is not to be denied that Superdrol has great and fast effects. On the other hand the price that is paid for these might be a little bit too high.


The article presents the main issues regarding Superdrol: the great effects it can have and the negative impact on the body.