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Underground Mexican Steroids Lab

Steroids are a type of organic compound that is often abused by athletes. This has an effect to them in which they can be extra strong before and during competition. It is also abused by people or other athletes who wants to become extra big or super physically bulky by acquiring bigger muscles than the usual muscles like the biceps. Legs and torso you can found in athletes and body builders. This resulted to a sudden increasing demand for steroids.


One factor that contributed to the formation of underground steroids lab in Mexico is the steroids being prohibited in the United States considering that most people who abused it are coming from that place. As steroids are being banned in the US, dealers and factories of steroids devised a way in order to sustain profit and withstand the needs of the consumers. They strategically made its way into Mexico to build underground laboratory of steroids that would be smuggled to the US. This plan has paved its success for both the consumers and the dealers since they can actually continue their business. It is also tactical to make underground steroids labs in Mexico because it is a given fact that smuggled steroids from Mexico are not that noticeable and punishable when exported to US compared to smuggle steroids specifically coming from the United States dominating the free market and black market.


Another contributing factor is that the demand for anabolic steroids for body building is very high in the US which makes the supply very low and the prices very high due to competition. There is a competition between consumers for steroids because of its depleting supply. This became an advantage for the steroids dealer. Since there is a competition between consumers, dealers can actually control the price of the drug. The prices of steroids got inconsiderably high and some consumers cannot afford it. This give rise to the establishment of underground steroids laboratory in Mexico which offer cheaper prices of steroids into the black market although it is considered as an illegal activity. Mexican steroids are much cheaper than other types of steroids because it is of veterinary origin and somehow of a poor quality. However, it still became popular to the black market and even in the free market since it is more affordable, common and the depleting supply of steroids in the US became worst. Underground steroids can be bought in almost every corner. All you need is a connection with the dealer.


However, we should put into consideration that steroids that were made in underground steroids lab do not guarantee safety to its consumers. Underground steroids can be later on become sterile, they are totally impure and low grade and what is worst is they can be dangerous because they can be contaminated during the process. This is because since they made underground, they are not coming from licensed, clean, and monitored labs and the persons who are making it are not registered and licensed so the chance of messing with the chemicals and the drugs are most probably higher compared to labs that are licensed and with good pharmaceuticals facilities.