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Buy Clomid

When we think about fertility, the first thing that comes to mind is Clomid. What is the reason? Simply because Clomid is the best-known fertility drug, used to treat the ovulation issues. Why is Clomid so famous – perhaps the reason is that it is the most common treatment people buy for such issues?

Why buy it – the reason: as effective as injectable treatments

Clomid is a fertility drug mostly used in women. However, man could buy it to treat fertility issues. Unlike stronger fertility drugs that one can buy, Clomid comes as a pill. A second reason why you should buy it is that it is as effective since in 80 per cent of the cases it stimulates ovulation. That is one first main important reason why women buy Clomid.

Many reasons why women buy Clomid

Most of the times women trying to get pregnant have irregular cycles or might experience menstruation without ovulation. The first choice in this case is Clomid and most women buy it. Other reasons why women buy Clomid so much is that it is used to treat other issues associated with infertility: polycystic ovarian syndrome, unexplained infertility or as a replacement for very expensive fertility treatments such as IVF. Do you need any more reasons?

Buy Clomid and listen to the doctor’s recommendations

If you buy Clomid for any of the reasons mentioned above, then you should listen to what your doctor advises regarding the right dosage. Do not start experimenting with Clomid after you buy it. The most common dosage is 50 mg taken for 5 days, either from days 3 to 7 of your cycle or day 5 to 9. The reason why you should let your doctor decide is that he knows better. Inefficiency  is the reason why the doctor might increase it or repeat the treatment. Buy Clomid and the doctor will take care of the rest.

Reason enough not to buy Clomid? Some side effects

If you decide to buy Clomid and follow the treatment, you should also pay attention to the side effects. The reason why is that you should always be aware of what such treatments might do to your body and not expect only the pink part. After you buy Clomid and you start administering it, you might experience hot flashes and breast tenderness, along with enlarged and tender ovaries, bloating, vaginal dryness and headaches. These do not sound so bad compared to the help that Clomid can get and there are certainly not enough reasons not to take Clomid. That is the reason why many women buy Clomid.

One great reason to buy it: Clomid might bring twins

When it comes to Clomid, there is one more reason why you should worry a little bit. The risk of multiples is increased. You should not be expecting to have triplets, but the chances of twins are of 10%. Clomid also comes with some bad news. Why? The reason is that while it increases the female fertility, Clomid decreases the quality of the cervical mucus – where the sperm travels to the egg and conception becomes a little bit more difficult. But that is not a reason enough not to buy Clomid. There are too many reasons to buy Clomid.

Enough reasons to buy Clomid

Why do women buy Clomid? Here is one more reason: almost 50% of women get pregnant within six cycles of use. On the other hand, if Clomid does not work in this time span, the treatment should not be continued. Still, there are plenty of reasons to buy Clomid: it has certainly proved its efficiency. Do you need more reasons?


This article presents the main reasons why Clomid is used for the treatment of infertility issues and why we should buy it.