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Breast cancer is one of the curses of the 20th century. Unfortunately, more and more women are suffering from breast cancer and thorough research is conducted in order to find a cure. Unfortunately, sometimes the breast cancer will spread to other areas of the body and further medication is need: this is where Nolvadex comes into the picture.

Nolvadex is used for its effects not only for breast cancer

Nolvadex is a medicine used to treat breast cancer that has already spread to other areas of the body. Nolvadex is efficient not only for breast cancer itself. Because of its effects, it is used for many of breast cancer types and also used for women with high risk of breast cancer or women with DCIS after their surgery and radiation.

Great precaution for Nolvadex  to produce its effects on breast cancer

How does Nolvadex work? This is a medicine part of the antiestrogen category. It will block the effect that estrogen has on different tumors, by preventing their growth. The right dosage of Nolvadex should be established with your doctor for the right effects. All the instructions should be followed thoroughly in order for Nolvadex to create its effects on the breast cancer or any other issues it was prescribed for.

The side effects of Nolvadex

Nolvadex also comes with side effects. While it is efficient in fighting against breast cancer, this medicine comes with some negative effects and these should be known so you wouldn’t be taken by surprise. Firstly, women taking Nolvadex for breast cancer have experienced side effects such as dizziness, irregular periods, bone and tumor pain – but these effects usually mean that the drug is fighting efficiently against breast cancer.

Nolvadex , great effects for men with breast cancer

In some cases, hot flashes can be included on the list of side effects of Nolvadex . Very rarely, women with breast cancer taking Nolvadex have experienced hair loss, vaginal dryness, depression, headaches and distaste for food. Besides these side effects, one should note the fact that Nolvadex has been successfully used to treat breast cancer also in men. Its effects make it a good choice when thinking about which treatment to buy.

Nolvadex has no effect on pregnancy, even with breast cancer

You might be worrying about the effects that Nolvadex  might have in case of a pregnancy since it is an antiestrogen. This medicine will not prevent women from becoming pregnant and can be taken under the supervision of the doctor during the pregnancy. On the other hand, a nasty side effect of Nolvadex  while taking it for breast cancer is the fact that it diminishes the body’s ability to fight infections and reduces the number of clot-forming cells. These are two important effects that should be taken in consideration when choosing Nolvadex as a solution for breast cancer.

Nolvadex  is a good choice when it comes to the treatment of breast cancer. Although it has some side effects, overall the positive effects make it an efficient weapon against breast cancer and this should be born in mind when buying the right treatment.


This article presents the benefits of using Nolvadex for the treatment of breast cancer, also pointing out the side effects.