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For a long time, Masteron was not very popular among the steroids. Time has passed and now this steroid has finally gained its rightful place due to its great effects.

Masteron, a steroid with very little side effects

Masteron is the great choice for the ones who do not wish to use a large amount of injectable testosterone. The advantages of this steroid do not end here. Masteron is a steroid that does not convert to estrogen, nor to DHT. Moreover, this steroid does not have any negative effects on the liver. Now you might be wondering why Masteron has been in the shadow for such a long time, if it has such great effects

Masteron, the steroid used as an anti-estrogenic agent

Even if Masteron has no great side effects, that does not mean that it doesn’t have effects as a steroid. On the contrary, Masteron has proved efficient in gaining mass, losing fat and hardening. Those are the effects that anybody taking steroids would like to see. Moreover, Masteron can be used not only as a steroid but in the steroid cycle it can also be the sole anti-estrogenic agent. That brings extra effects.

Masteron is not a steroid with weak effects

There is one question still haunting us: why hasn’t Masteron become more popular as a steroid until now? The answer would be obvious: they haven’t considered it a steroid with powerful effects. Fortunately, that is not true. With a dose of 500-700 mg/week you will see some great effects in no time. Moreover, Masteron can easily compare in effects with testosterone and in combination with it, the results are even greater.

Don’t use Masteron as the single steroid for great effects

It is not recommended to define your entire cycle only on Masteron as estradiol levels will reach very low values. Try and combine it testosterone, Dianabol or HCG in order to maintain the estradiol levels in a normal range. The propionate ester version of Masteron has a life cycle of two days and should be injected daily, if possible. On the other hand, the enanthate ester version of this steroid has a half-life of 5 days so injections twice a week will most surely get you the right effects.

Masteron, the steroid with no worry for strong side effects

If you are still worrying about the possible side effects of Masteron, it should be clear by now that when we speak about negative effects, Masteron is in the mild category of anabolic steroids. That is why side effects basically should not be of any concern. Moreover, Masteron does his job very well so you will not be disappointed with the results.

Masteron, the steroid that delivers the right effects

There has not been a single person to worry about Masteron and it not being able to deliver the right results. On the other hand, if you sit and do nothing, you cannot just state that Masteron is not effective. Before juddging it, one should try this steroid, feel its effects by himself and then be able to express a pertinent opinion. The rising popularity of Masteron is again one more proof that this steroid comes with the right effects for you.


This article brings some light on Masteron and why it is an efficient steroid.