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The market for body building is certainly full of products and they all promise fast results and also excellent ones. The truth is revealed based on the experience of the others who have tried the various steroids available. An example of a not so powerful steroid is Proviron. On the other hand, this steroid is still very popular and that is not only because of its excellent results but because of the antiestrogenic activity.

Proviron’s effects can be given by other products

One of the greatest problems when taking steroids is the side effects. There is no such thing as a steroid that comes only with positive effects. On the other hand, now the market also contains products that will combat the estrogenic activity that steroids stimulate, theoretically there is no need for Proviron. Yet, there are still many people who are fans of this steroid.

Proviron  - no effects on libido

There might be another reason why Proviron is still quite popular. Most men who take steroids are afraid that they might be losing their libido as steroids do that. With its androgenic effect, Proviron can combat this problem. That’s one steroid effect that goes away. Nonetheless, there are plenty of anabolic steroids that have the same effect.

Proviron has effects on rats

The list of Proviron effects does not end here but the really bad news certainly begins now. Tests show that Proviron has no effects at building muscle in man. What’s the point in taking this steroid? On the other hand, this steroid is an effective anabolic in rats. That can’t be good news for the Proviron fans who want effects. However, that does not mean that we should dismiss Proviron forever, consider that it does not have any effects and take it off the steroid list.

Proviron’s effects are not completely useless

Proviron has been successfully used as a pro-sexual agent inbetween cycles. Usually, you need to take 50 mg before improved performance so that you can see effects. Proviron has also been used as a steroid in female body building and one can acknowledge that its most important use is due to its antiestrogenic effect. Putting it in polite words, Proviron can be used as a steroid but the only effects that you should be expecting are fat loss and some hardening. Not such a steroid, after all.

Proviron’s great effect: it does not affect the liver

Last but not least, and that is certainly one effect that we should keep in mind, Proviron is one steroid that does not affect the liver. That is certainly something completely different from any other product that you might find on the market. However, are these effects enough to take Proviron in consideration as your steroid?

The right dosage of Proviron for the right effects

If you are still thinking of taking Proviron, then there is some information about dosage that will come in handy. This steroid comes in the form of tablets, which you take once or twice. It is not necessary to go beyond this limit as basically you won’t see some extra effects. There are no other precautions regarding this steroid that you should take in consideration. Maybe you will consider that Proviron is the steroid that offers you the desired effects.


This article discusses Proviron as a steroid, presenting its effects – with advantages and disadvantages.